Although most of this website is written in Dutch, since we are based in the Netherlands and most of our work is done locally, there are some exceptions and our work for the greatest good for Mother Gaia and all of her residents crosses 'the Dutch Borders' from time to time. In truth, there are no borders, not really... ;) That is why we created this section on the website where we can offer you information about services offered online, long distance and, of course, in the English language. 
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Wizard's Attunement.

If you are unable to come and visit our centre in the North of the Netherlands for a personal session 'Wizard's Attunement,' we are able to accomodate you with a long distance session via Zoom, an online videoconference application.

What does a Wizard's Attunement entail?
A Wizard's Attunement is a personal session in which we tune in to the energetics of your systems and 'attune' the aspects that are called for in the moment. This can be:
- A reconnection with Mother Gaia, Source, Highest Self.
- A clearing of denser energies, implants and other drains.
- Bringing in protection if needed and a restoration of the energy fields surrounding you.
- A tuning in to Nature Spirit Soul parts (If present).
- A tuning in to Nature Spirit helpers in your Team that ask for awareness and offer assistance for the highest good.
- A clearing of the teams.
An important aspect of the wizard's Attunement is the reconnecting with nature spirits and nature spirits soul parts. Bringing this back into our awareness this helps facilitate a deeper connection with nature spirits in your personal life and also in the re-connection of 'the various realms' collectively, we all play a part in this beautiful grand awakening!

Together we are awakening, remembering our Divine selves and make the Earth new once again! 

Nature Spirit Webinars.

Together with Mare Cromwell, gifted Gaia Priestess and Communicator, Cornelis Jan hosts a series of webinars in which you can learn a lot about nature spirits: Who are they? What is their role? How can you work and communicate with them? And many many more subjects relating to nature spirits and the re-union with mankind during this exciting time of ascension will be taught and discussed during this webinar.
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